Sweet Elephant Dreams Nap Mat
Lauren James Children's Company

Sweet Elephant Dreams Nap Mat

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• All in one: Blanket and Pillow nap mat
• Perfect for daycare, preschool or kindergarten nap time
• Easy storage, with Gently cycle machine wash and low tumble heat dry
• Home, school or even grandma’s house
• Easy roll-up with velcro fastening straps
• Rolls up easily with carry handle
Super comfy Nap Mat.  Has a cotton design and minky belly and blanket.  Perfect for sleepovers, living room cape sites or naps at school.  This whimsical vibrant-colored nap mat will keep you child warm and toasty. Filled with a special blend of polyester poly fill that doesn’t separate or clump when washed.
Measures 21x48x2.5 The blanket is sewed in measures 40×28.  Suitable for children up to 4′ tall.  Recommended for ages 2 and up.

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