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Rocket Ship Tent Pretend Playhouse

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EXCELLENT VALUE – Featuring a 55” inch long space for play, 6 Space Balls which provide an exciting twist to the usual play tents, and a Tote Bag for portability and storage all at an incredible value. TARGETED AIM – Each side of the spaceship includes a space for targeted aim when tossing the Space Balls. Aim true and your toss will have the ball stick in place! How innovative! COZY PLAY SPACE – A reading nook, personal nap room, or pretend play haven: the Rocket Play Tent set becomes whatever your child would want it to be. INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENT – Skip out on the electronics and soar into the skies with these space toys. You’ll feel the atmosphere of fun that’s bound to be shared amongst the whole family once this product is out and about. EASY CARRY – Collapsible and lightweight, these items from Fun Little Toys are designed to make playtime easy for everyone. Enjoy it anywhere while giving your child a special place to make memories sure to last a lifetime

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