Micro Voice Disguiser
Micro Voice Disguiser
Lauren James Children's Company

Micro Voice Disguiser

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SpyX Micro Voice Disguise

Record & Change The Voice!


  • 2 simple buttons for recording 10 second message and playing it back
  • Micro size designed so it is portable and fit in for small hands
  • Use the "Disguise Slide" to switch up the sound; make it sound silly!
  • Collect all the SpyX items & prepare yourself for the next mission!

Features & details

  • Record up to 10 seconds of your secret spy message directly into the unit. Make it silly, scary, fast or slow!
  • Use the device to disguise your voice, and listen to your 'twisted' message. Play it back fast, slow, or switch between!
  • Easy to use simple two button design - perfect for little hands! Then just use the slider on the side to swtich up the sound.
  • As the best selling SpyX toy in the 'micro' category, it is a must have tool for a spy collection!
  • Collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate spy play experience.

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