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Busy Board Learning Set

Busy Board Learning Set

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 The Toddler Busy Board is mainly made of felt
cotton, which is soft, elastic, and very durable.Every
component of the Toddler Busy Board is safely
secured to ensure they do not fall out. Our busy
boards are CPSC certified, tested, and free of any
This activity board is a great sensory toy for toddlers
1-3 years old. The Sensory Board offers 17 fun
practice games (dressing, laces, buttons, zippers,
snap pockets, etc). We also designed the clock,
month, day of the week, AM PM, weather, and
learning games for letters outside of the busy board.
Our Busy Board for toddlers 2-4 is a great gift.
This busy board sensory toy measures 10" X 8.5". It is
lightweight and easy to carry. The toddler activities
board comes with a shoulder strap and a carry
handle. Both ends of the felt board are fastened with
snaps, and you can tuck it into luggage and school
bags without taking up much space.
Kids learn shapes, colors, numbers, and letters while
interacting with their families.

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